Dermatology Services:

Skin Cancer/Mole/Lesion Removal

Knowing your ABC’s could save your life! Check your skin regularly for anything that may resemble skin cancer. Changes such as a new, recent growth, a sore that simply will not heal over time or a bleeding mole are all signs of concern. Check your moles closely – even those that do not bleed – along with your birthmarks and other areas of the skin for the A-B-C’s and the D-E’S, too!

Do you have an area that:
A = asymmetry (one half of the growth looks different from the other half)?
B = borders that are irregular?
C = color changes or more than one color?
D = diameter greater than the size of a pencil eraser?
E = evolving, meaning changes in size, shape, symptoms (itching, tenderness), surface (especially bleeding), or shades of color?

If you are concerned about an area, don’t wait to get it evaluated. Most often, skin cancer is not painful so think that there isn’t any harm since their isn’t any pain.

Dr. Guanciale has nearly 20 years of general surgery experience so he is able to evaluate and treat areas os concern with confidence. All biopsies and excisions are evaluated by a pathology group and most insurances are accepted!

The best part – you get the safe removal and repair with a COSMETIC flair so you will look your best, too!

Board Certified in General Cosmetic Surgery and Board Certified in General Surgery, consult with Dr. Guanciale today – be confident in the health of your skin!